About Tech 4 All

Having grown up in an era of paper, pen and colored pencils, I have always been drawn like a magnet to the wonders of computers.

I love the way we can produce impressive professional illustrated documents with ease, create stunning websites, research anything we want on the Internet , store and display our photos and make dazzling presentations, communicate with or family and friends via email and social media, shop online and the myriad of other useful purposes.

My main love when using computer software whether it's Microsoft office or online software is making items that are attractive to look at and pleasing to the eye. I also admire the practicality of  spreadsheets and their usefulness, but my main draw card is the desk top publishing aspect of any software where creativity is the key.

For many years now I have been teaching adult students computing in a college - many of these students had very little or no previous computer education or are migrants who are trying to learn the English language at the same time.

To learn most computer processes now on a computer people mainly turn to You Tube to watch the videos.

To learn Microsoft Office most tutorials now come as paid online courses which also incorporate video instruction- you have to sign up for the whole course.  

Many migrant students just can't keep up with the video pace and don't understand the language used.

I have developed individual lessons on each topic where students can work at their own pace - I have made instructables with PowerPoint that can be saved and looked over at any time. The student can pause on one slide and use their translator if necessary to find the meaning of words. I have kept the language simple with non-technical jargon. Each topic has comprehensive activities included that are suitable for both teachers and self learners such as teenagers, adults, workers, seniors, migrants or home schoolers.

My students say that these instructions have helped them immensely and they really enjoy their computer lessons.

I have both FREE and budget priced lessons on 2 platforms TpT and TES - please have a look. The lessons can be downloaded individually or some are offered as bundles.

I have developed a blog to pass on some of my thoughts, ideas and tips that I think are helpful to computer users on a variety of topics including software and internet use.


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