Quick and effective picture background removal in Microsoft Office

Easily remove unwanted backgrounds in Word, Excel or PowerPoint.

Here's how...

Original Photo - Lydia Tan from Unsplash

You can remove photo backgrounds in many photo editors and online applications but you can also do this using Microsoft Office.

Remove photo backgrounds quickly and easily with Microsoft's Background Removal tool - it works well. The area around the object will be transparent.


#Word, #Excel and #PowerPoint can #remove_backgrounds from photos to a fairly acceptable standard quite quickly - it depends on the photo for the result you get. You can't do this in Publisher as yet - however if you are working in Publisher you can do the removal in Word then copy the picture over. Some objects work well - others don't. It's just trial and error but anyone can do it.

Another example:

Choose a suitable picture

To remove a background and leave an object isolated - you need to choose the right type of picture - if the picture is very crowded then the removal tool will not be able to work.

The object ideally needs a plain single colour background but will work on other types - just try and see what you can achieve. Sometimes a shadow or glow enhances the object and other times not - just practise and see what looks best.

You can right click the picture and save it as a png file - this file format supports #transparency.

For a very comprehensive lesson about inserting and formatting pictures click here.

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