Color Match with PRECISION in Microsoft Office...

Updated: Jun 23, 2019

Need to #color_match a heading or other item with a color from a picture or the internet? Try these tips.

Works for Microsoft #PowerPoint and #Publisher

Use the #Eyedropper tool

You may like to match the color in a a heading or shape from another picture or object that has come from a photo or the internet or other source. If that source is digital you can use the eyedropper tool to match the color that you want.

Below is an example n PowerPoint where we want to match the dress color with the heading. Follow the steps:

You can use this method for text and filling shapes or coloring outlines - but the color that you're matching needs to be on the same screen. Microsoft Word does not offer the #eyedropper option so you need to use other methods to color match. e.g. Do the color matching in PowerPoint or Publisher then write down the RGB color values and key them in to Word.

Headings and shapes that match colors exactly from a picture or other object can look far more professional that just trying to guess the color match - use the #eyedropper_tool do this.

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