Create inspiring #lists like a PRO

Fine tune your Microsoft documents like #Word and #PowerPoint presentations by making lists with SmartArt that people will actually want to read

#Lists can be very boring to read so why not change the look of your lists to provide more inspiration for your readers?

Use SmartArt to make inspiring lists

First create a bulleted list like this

•Your mind is a garden

•Your thoughts are the seeds

•You can grow flowers

•Or you can grow weeds

Select the list, then access #SMARTART from the INSERT TAB in the ILLUSTRATIONS GROUP.

You can add as many lines as you like - the SmartArt will reduce or expand to the number of elements you need. Some lists allow pictures others don't - just choose the one you like.

If you don't like the design then select the SmartArt, click on SmartArt Design and then choose Layouts - as you move your mouse over the different options you will be given a live preview of the different styles and you can select the one that suits you.

eg. Live preview of another layout

You can CHANGE COLORS and STYLES- don't always stick with the Office default colours - go to the #DESIGN_TAB and change them to one you like or create your own color scheme!

Other examples:

Remember to FORMAT the diagram - always change the color choices and SmartArt Style to get a great looking SmartArt graphics.

Which catches your attention most?


  • Oil Painting

  • Metal Sculpture

  • Pastel Drawing

Or this?


College - Teaching Staff. HR - HR ADmin Staff. Admin - Office Staff. Students - Classes. Maintenance - Engineers, Carpenters & Cleansers.

Or this?

Experiment to achieve great #lists that are easy to read and capture the reader's interest.

For a comprehensive lesson in SmartArt click here.

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