Jazz up your #FONT collection...

Sick of the same old fonts? Then go to the Microsoft Store or onto the internet and download some new ones. Here's what to do...

Microsoft Store

For Windows 10, type #fonts in the search bar, then click on Font preview and related settings above.

You will then get a preview in Settings of all your installed fonts. You can also personalise the font settings for your computer from the options on the left.

From here you can go to the Microsoft Store and download or purchase fonts - the collection is limited though.

Finding Fonts Online

You can find a whole lot more fonts on the internet and many more interesting ones if that's what you're after. Type in Free Fonts in a search engine - there are lots of sites offering fonts - some are free and some require payment. Many are for personal use only.

Use interesting fonts for your headings or other appropriate areas of your documents or presentations - you can also format them as real standouts with colors and effects using WordArt formatting. Use easy to read clear fonts for your body text though.

Font Sites

Type in fonts or free fonts in a search engine then click on one of the sites that shows in the results - you may have to try a few until you find a site that you like.

Many font sites look like the screen clipping from the site above ( You can scroll to find fonts that you like. If you hover over over the $Tag it will tell you if the font is free for commercial or personal use or if you have to purchase it. You can then click on the Download button to download the font.

We've chosen FS Collaboration 1 - it's free for commercial use.

When you click on Download, the font will be downloaded as a zip file. This will present differently depending on the browser that you are using. You need to open the zip file by double clicking or another method that works for the browser that you are using. You are aiming to open the font in WIndows Font Viewer which will then allow you to install the font.

You will see something like this

The actual Font file is the .ttf one, the other files are for you to read. They provide information about the author and the licence for the font and how you are permitted to use it. If you double click the .txt files they will open in Notepad.

To make the font active you need to install it. On some Windows operating systems you can right click this file and click on Install.

With others you can double click the .ttf file and Windows Font Viewer will automatically open.

But on others you need to select the file, choose the Home Tab, then select Open, then from the drop down list choose Windows Font Viewer.

#Windows_Font_Viewer should be your default font viewer, but sometimes your fonts are associated with another program and then you have to use the method below to install the font. ie. Select the font, click on the Home Tab, then click on the Open drop down and then choose Windows Font Viewer.

The font will then open in Windows Font Viewer.

Sometimes the font you choose will provide a font family (eg. Asap Condensed) and then you will have to install each font separately

Windows Font Viewer Looks like this below. Then click on Install at the top of the box and then you font will now be in the collection with the other fonts in Windows.

When you click on fonts eg in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint or Publisher the drop down list will now show this new font - FS Collaboration 1

Try out your new fonts in Microsoft Word, Publisher or PowerPoint or other program that you have to write with. Interesting fonts are particularly good for eye catching posters. They can be for fun, community, personal, business or other purposes. They display far better when formatted as #WordArt with effects for appropriate uses like #flyers and #headings.

Some samples:

You don't have to be a desktop publisher to have fun and create some interesting and memorable documents. Just try downloading a variety of fonts and have fun.

Need help with formatting WordArt? Then click here.

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