Make your pictures look great......

You most likely add #pictures to your documents in #Microsoft_Word or your #Presentations in #PowerPoint - but do you format them with the tools provided to enhance the photos?

When you select a picture the Picture Tools, Format Tab appears - this gives you many options to #format you pictures in different ways.

Make your #pictures shine by using the formatting commands that can give your photos that extra edge...


Once you have selected the picture and accessed the Format Tab, you can change the color, apply #artistic_effects, add transparency, add picture frames or styles, add borders, apply effects like #shadows, #glows, #reflections, #soft_edges, #bevels or #3D_Rotations. You can also crop your #pictures_to_shapes or different #aspect_ratios, then apply other effects. The results you can achieve are varied and limited only to your imagination and the office tools provided.

Adjust color settings here

Add artistic effects here

Add frames and border effects here

Add colored borders here

Add picture effects here

Apply cropping effects here

Sample picture formatting is shown below

Picture has been cropped to shape, color change, artistic effect and shadow applied.

Picture cropped to pentagonal shape, black and white color, artistic effect, border added and reflection applied.

Picture has artistic effect and 3D-Rotation applied.

Picture cropped to shape, artistic effect and glow applied.,

Picture cropped to 1:1 ratio, cropped to circle shape, artistic effect of black and white, border, and bevel applied.

Picture cropped to 1:1 ratio, cropped to star shape, color change and shadow applied.

Use the effects wisely and don't apply too many different features on your pictures in one document - just practise with the effects until you achieve your desired effect. You can give your readers a much better experience with interesting professionally formatted photos.

Click here for a comprehensive lesson with using pictures in Microsoft Word.

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