Organize your different sized pictures in a flash

You've got a collection of #pictures that you want to display neatly - but they're all different sizes.....

Need to know a quick way to display them and resize them attractively?

Well there are 2 solutions - you can use #SmartArt in Microsoft Word or PowerPoint or #Design_Ideas in PowerPoint - your pictures will be organised very quickly for you - you can make them all the same size or you can choose an orderly arrangement that you like.

First Way - Use SmartArt

Below are 6 pictures of different sizes and orientation.

Step 1: Select all of the #pictures by drawing a marquee around them with the mouse in #PowerPoint or hold the shift key and select each one individually for #Word.

Step 2: After selecting #Picture_Layout (this is actually SmartArt), a new layout appears almost instantly with the pictures automatically resized and reordered!

Step 3: Add text if you want

Step 4:

If you don't like the design you have chosen you can select the SmartArt arrangement by clicking on the outside border.

Choose the SmartArt Design Tab, then Layouts.

Step 5:

Run your mouse over the options and select another layout that you like.

Example below

More Examples:

This has been formatted with color change and style

12 pictures is probably about the maximum you would use - any more and they won't fit on the page or into the SmartArt layouts.

Second Way - use the #Design_Ideas that appear in #PowerPoint (only in some versions like Office 365)

You can only put 6 images or less on a slide for Design Ideas to work.

Some examples:

Pictures all the same size

Picture collage using circles

Picture collage using slanted lines

If you don't want a white background - choose the Design Tab, then Format Background and select one that you like - plain, gradient or picture.

Experiment with your #pictures to achieve great layout effects that compliment your document or presentation that look great and capture your reader's interest.

For a comprehensive lesson in SmartArt click here.

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