Make your #SMARTART even SMARTER

Jazz up your Microsoft Word documents by using SmartArt far more often and make your work shine.

Large slabs of text are very uninspiring - by using SmartArt regularly you can entice your readers to wake up and take far more interest in their read, whether it be personal, community or business documents.


How can you incorporate more #SmartArt for clarity and interest in your documents to keep your readers inspired? Don't just use black text - SmartArt provides clear diagramatic presentation with shapes, colours and effects to enhance the overall experience.

Try to use

as items for SmartArt inserts. They work best with single words or phrases.

You can use text only, pictures only or text and pictures.


You'll find SMARTART on the INSERT TAB in the ILLUSTRATIONS GROUP - choose your design - there are 10 categories and many designs within each category.

CHANGE COLORS - don't always stick with the Office default colours - go to the DESIGN TAB and change them to one you like or create your own color scheme!

FORMAT FORMAT FORMAT - always change the color choices and SmartArt Style to get a great looking SmartArt graphics. The SmartArt will reduce or expand to the number of elements you need.

Be creative, try different Smart Art styles until your document looks great.

Which catches your attention most?


  • Curry

  • Roast

  • Pasta

Or this?


  • Maserati

  • Porsche

  • Rolls Royce

  • Jaguar

Or this?

Experiment to achieve the full creative potential of the very smart #SmartArt #Graphic.

For a comprehensive lesson in SmartArt click here.

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