What you DIDN'T KNOW about Symbols...

You probably know that you can add #symbols to your Microsoft Word documents and PowerPoint presentations...

Normally you would add symbols to your pages from the Insert Tab, then #Symbol, and they would look like this.

The best fonts for symbols are #Webdings and #Wingdings.

They would be added as text in a line in Word or in a text box in PowerPoint. Symbols are a font and by default they would be black. You resize them by changing the font size. You could recolor by changing the font color.

However you can turn #symbols into #WordArt and make them any colour you want. You can use the default WordArt formatting or create your own by using the text fill, text outline and text effects options from the Shape Format Tab after you select the symbol.

You can place each #symbol into its own text box and resize it to whatever size you would like and then apply your own #formatting. You can also rotate the symbol.

Look at the samples below

Metallic fills, bevels and soft shadow options. Each symbol in own text box and rotated. Symbols from Webdings.

Text picture fills, small glows, separate text boxes and reflections. Symbols from Webdings.

You can also make #pictures with #symbols if you choose the right ones. The sample below is chosen from #Webdings.

Symbols from webdings, text picture fill of grass, text outline applied, bevel applied and shape fill of pale blue.

You can also make #patterns and #borders with symbols. Just look at the available symbols and use what you like to make a creative pattern that you like.

Symbols are from Wingdings 2 and formatted as WordArt

If you would like a comprehensive lesson about Symbols in Word click here.

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