WordArt heading TRICKS...

Give your headings in Microsoft Word a WOW factor with these guidelines.

  1. Before you start download some new and exciting fonts from the internet for added interest

  2. Use #WORDART for the best effects - easy to move on the page and easy to format

  3. Split your heading titles into 2 sections for a better effect

  4. Try adding a shape, picture or other item to the back of your text for an interesting effect

  5. Change the design colors of the document to get the colors you like

  6. Play with the #FORMATTING features of the text for better text effects

  7. Don't go overboard with effects

  8. Take care with your font choices

Make your document titles really shine - give them a #WOW factor using your own imagination and unique style.

1. Download some new fonts from the internet - some of them are free and others require payment - not all of them can be used commercially - so you need to be careful what you use. There are many sites that offer fonts for download.

2. WordArt is easy to work with - it moves easily on your page and is easy to add. When you want to make changes you don't have to select the letters - just the text box and the changes take effect eg. color or effects.

  • From the INSERT TAB click on #WordArt from the Text Group.

  • This drop down box will appear:

  • Choose any one of the styles

  • A text box like this will appear

  • Change the text to the words you want for the 1st part of your heading title

  • Try changing the text fonts until you find one that you like

  • Add another WordArt Text Box and add the 2nd part of your heading title

  • Change the font until you're satisfied with it.

3. Try placing them next to each other or the 2nd part underneath until you're happy with the look of it.

4. Add a shape, picture or other object and send it to the back of the page - right click the shape then choose - Send to Back - as shown below

You can also fill your shape with solid, or gradient color, a texture or you can fill it with an online or computer based picture.

5. Don't like the colors that your Word document is showing? Then click on the Design Tab and change the colors in the Document Formatting Group as shown below.

6. Most importantly edit the text formatting: You can change the text fill color, the outline color, width and type, and add effects such as shadows, reflections, glows, bevels, 3D rotations and transform the text shape. Just play around until you get the effect that suits you.

You can also tilt your words by using the rotation handle on the WordArt.

7. Don't go silly with effects - make something that is appropriate for the type of document you are making - you can still use these effects for business documents but choose something that is suitable. It is best to keep your body text in a n easy to read plain font - also keep your subheading easy to read.

8. Be careful how you mix your fonts - choose fonts that complement each other - maybe one plain font and the other a fancy one.

If you're not sure about your design ask someone else for feedback - it's a good way to get reassurance.

If you'd like a more comprehensive lesson for Microsoft Word in WordArt you can find one here - suitable for trainers, self learners, EAL learners and anyone who needs to upskill in Word.

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